About Us
Thunder Hill Terriers, located in Northwest Georgia, was founded in 1990. Our selective breeding program focuses on sound temperament, genetic health, proper structure and movement.
 Our Parson Russell Terriers are bred to be companions first. Our philosophy is that a Parson Russell Terrier is able to excel in the conformation ring as well as in the performance ring or hunt field. 
We believe that the manner in which puppies are handled and socialized from birth influences and enhances their development as they mature. Puppies are well prepared to enter homes whether they are destined for the show, performance, and/or as beloved pets.
 Our dogs are bred from some of the finest lines in the United States and Europe and breeding stock are BAER normal, annually CERF tested, and PLL tested.
Please complete the following inquiry if you are interested in being considered for a Thunder Hill PRT.



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