What makes Thunder Hill special are the families that have a Thunder Hill dog.
This page highlights these special dogs and their families.
Their stories are the real reason that Thunder Hill exists. Enjoy!
I heard about Thunder Hill Terriers from a fellow agility competitor. She knew I was searching for a new Parson Terrier agility partner and had “dog sat” for an TH Parson. She thought he was the best dog ever. I emailed Judith and she emailed me back the same day with this response “Actually, I do have Jackson who is a littermate to Miles. He is one year old, house broken, and is said to get along well with other dogs (big and small), very loving and affectionate. I will be picking him up next Friday (December 22). I told Judith I would be interested in “meeting” Jackson (now known as Wyatt). Picking an agility partner is a big decision. I also had to make sure the new dog would get along with my 10 year old Jack Russell, Hannah – who ruled the roost.
Come Dec 22nd, and Judith pulls into my driveway and Wyatt hops out of the back of the car. It was love at first sight – but he had to pass the Hannah test. I introduced Hannah to Wyatt – and in her normal style came out with guns blazing. Wyatt politely turned his head and let her growl at him for a minute – and they were best buds from that point on.
Wyatt and I have gone on to compete in Agility making it to the Nationals in Tulsa in March 2010 where he finished 38th out of 200 dogs! Watch one of our runs here! We are now working towards our MACH and hope to get there soon. We have also dabbled in Canine Freestyle Dancing, Treiball, and Earthwork. Wyatt is ALWAYS a willing partner and excited to learn new things. Besides being a great teammate in dogsports, he is a fantastic family pet who just as much enjoys walking through the neighborhood or hanging out on the couch.
He has also done some catalog print and commercial work. View the commercial here. When people meet him one of the comments I get most often from people who have met some less than dog friendly Jack Russell Terriers is “he is so friendly” – and they are correct. He is fantastic around all people and dogs. To read more about Wyatt’s adventures – visit my blog at
Thanks Judith!!!! Tracy



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