Int/Nat/HONS CH, BA CH, CH GCH Thunder Hill Rumer Has It CHIC


BAER Normal, CERF Clear, SCA Clear, Patellas normal, PLL normal- CHIC registered (May 2013)

LOA carrier

Rumer~ 7 months old!




    WB/BOS/BOW/BBE Terrier Group 2                                                   WB/BW/Owner Handler/Best Puppy for 5 pt. major- 
   Thank you Judge Charlotte McGowan                                                             Thank you Judge Robert Hutton

Owner Handler Variety Terrier Group First-                                                            IABCA Grand Sieger 2012  
       Thank you Judge Keith Bates                                                                            
                                                                                  Int BA CH Thunder Hill Rumer Has It

Rumer wins first title at only 5 months!  
                                                                                 Thank you Judges Audrey Lycan (US), Sharon C. Smith (US), & Thomas J. Touzel (CAN)!                                
                                Grand Sieger Award! Rumer won "best of the best" for the entire show weekend
                                                                      IABCA show in Marietta, GA July 21 and 22, 2012! 
                                                                                        Way to go Team Rumer!!                        

Int CH Thunder Hill Rumer Has It CHIC

Rumer wins second international title at  13 months!
Thank you Judges Ann Hearn US, Jennifer Landers Int & US, Valerie Dombrowski US, Brenda Landers US                              
                                                Grand Sieger Award! Rumer won "best of the best" for the entire show weekend
 IABCA show in Marietta, GA March, 2013! 
                                                                                             Way to go Team Rumer!!

IABCA Back to Back Grand Sieger Awards 2012 and 2013!

Best of Breed- Clemson SC January 2014- Judge Ms. Peggy Lloyd

Atlanta Show January 31, 2014

Rumer expertly handled by Andrea Carter with Trueshot Handling

2014 AKC Wins:

      April , 2014- Judge Patricia Taylor- BOB, 11 breed points (handled expertly by Andrea Carter)
      April 5, 2014- Judge Robert Stein- Select, 5 point major, NEW GCH!
     March 30, 2014- Judge Dawn Hansan- Select/OH/OH Group 4, 1 GCH pt.

     March 29, 2014- Judge Gloria Geringer- Select/OH/OH Group 3, 1 GCH pt.    

     March 14, 2014- Judge Cindy Vogels- BOB/BOH- 5 GCH points (major), 13 Breed points

     February 2, 2014- Judge Mr. Houston Clark- Select- GCH points

     January 31, 2014- Judge Ms. (Toddie) Clark- BOS/BOH- 1 GCH point

     January 5, 2014- Judge Ms. Peggy Lloyd- BOB- GCH Major- 3 GCH points

     January 4, 2014- Judge Ann Hearn- BOS

2013 AKC Wins:

     November 24, 2013- Judge Joe Purkhiser- Select

     November 23, 2013- Judge Mr. James Ham-  Select

     October 26, 2013-
Judge Christopher Neilson- Select/BOH- no points   

     October 20, 2013- Judge Jay Richardson- Select- 3 point major- 1 GCH point

     October 19, 2013- Judge Mr. Desmond Murphy- Select/BOH- 3 point major- 3 GCH points

     October 17, 2013- Judge Karen Wilson- Select- 1 GCH point

     September 8, 2013- Judge Gabriel Valdez- WB/BOW/BOS- 3point major- NEW CHAMPION!!!

     September 7, 2013- Judge JE Gregory- WB/BOS

     September 1, 2013- RWB- Julie Felten

     August 26, 2013- RWB- Judge Jon Cole
August 25, 2013- RWB- Judge Glenda Dawkins
     August 24, 2013- WB- Judge Harold Pybus-2 points 

2012 AKC Wins:

     November 2, 2012- RWB/Best Puppy- Judge Jerry Lee Howse

     October 28, 2012- RWB/BBBE- Judge Thomas Yates

     October 27, 2012- WB/BOB/Owner Handler- Judge Gerald Penta

     Sept. 16, 2012- WB/OS- Judge Jon Cole

     Sept. 15, 2012- WB/OS/BOW/BBE Terrier Group 2- Judge Charlotte McGowan

     Sept. 1, 2012-  RWB- Judge Norman Kenney

     Aug. 31, 2012- WB/BW/Owner Handler/Best Puppy for 5 point major- Judge Robert Hutton

     Aug. 30, 2012- RWB- Judge Ann Hearn

     Aug. 26, 2012- RWB- Judge Charles Trotter

     Aug. 25, 2012- RWB- Judge Lorraine Boutwell

     Aug. 24, 2012- WB/BW/BOB- Judge Raymond Bay

              Owner Handler Variety Group First- Judge Keith Bates

2012 IABCA Wins:

     March 23 - 23, 2013 Title earned: Int CH

     March 24, 2013- Grand Sieger Award (Thank you Judges Ann Hearn (US), Jennifer Landers (Int & US), Valerie Dombrowski (US), Brenda Landers (US)

     July 21-22, 2012 Title earned: Int BA CH

     July 22, 2012- Grand Sieger Award (Thank you Judges Audrey Lycan (US), Sharon C. Smith (US), & Thomas J. Touzel (CAN)

Pedigree~ Thunder Hill Rumer Has It RN23839301

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

   CH Sunrock's Pieces of Eight (Sailor)

      AKC RN16644502/DNA #V614388


   CH Sunrock's You Made My Day JE

       RN13170002/DNA #V594360

  CH Sunrock's Make My Day, RN06537004/DNA V#457157
  CH Bowery Goodie Two Shoes JE,  
      RM34706703/ DNA V#332912
   CH Bowery Queen of Swords JE,

  CH Zealous Zulu Warrior, RM32942006/DNA V#228750

  CH Bowery Gravy Train, RM27532205


 Int CH GCH Thunder Hill Soul Passion
      (Moxie), RN14197502
  CH Rednock Never A Saint (Luke)
      RN02025801/DNA #V391448

   Rednock Ebenezer, KFT 26/9400231 R (GER)
  Rednock Oona, KFT 26/9500783 R (GER)
  CH Thunder Hill Moon Shadow (Callie)

  CH Cedarsprings Contender, RN04464201
        DNA V#331270

Ch Button Top Raggety Ann, (Rags)  (RM22907602)



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